Gearbox Repair/Rebuild

The ability to shift gears is essential to proper operation of your vehicle. It affects not only the performance but can also pose safety hazard. It is imperative to have your gearbox maintained. Do not wait until a potential issue arise on your gearbox.


  • Burnt odor and dark in colour gearbox fluid
  • Fine metallic shaving and debris at the bottom of the oil pan
  • Delay and/or complete inability in shifting out of parking gear. Greater than 1 seconds to engage in drive gear or reverse gear
  • Won’t shift into higher gear or does so reluctantly
  • Gearbox jerks or slopes between shifts

We offers repair and rebuild solution for your gearbox if it’s possible and would be more cost effective. Or a complete gearbox replacement if required.

If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle, why not have one of our advisors to investigate the fault. For further advice, please contact us for a free consultation diagnostic inspection.
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