How To Renew COE For My Car: 5 Must-Know Points [As Of 2023 ]

Before buying a vehicle in Singapore, you must first obtain a COE or Certificate of Entitlement.

The COE is documentation that gives you the right to register, use, and own an automobile in Singapore for 10 years.


But what if your COE is about to expire?

If it’s your first time, you probably don’t know how to renew a COE for your car.
And for beginners, the process can be overwhelming.


But don’t worry — we’re here to make things easier for you.


We’ll guide you through the costs, process, and documents you need to submit so you can use your vehicle for another 5 or 10 more years.

When you first purchase a car, a COE is one of the most important forms you have to obtain.

It’s valid for 10 years, after which it requires renewal.


If you fail to renew  your COE, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore will deregister or scrap your vehicle.

Deregistration means you will not be allowed to use your vehicle  on Singapore roads and “scrapping” means you can sell it to a junkyard, or you may export it as a second-hand car.

What Is The Purpose Of A COE

Singapore is a densely populated urban area. Because of the small land size, the Government must take measures to limit the number of vehicles, to prevent congestion on roadways and major thoroughfares.


The implementation of COE helps to ease traffic by restricting the number of vehicles on the roads at any given time.

Instead of purchasing a new vehicle altogether, renewing your COE is more cost-effective.
The upfront costs are much lower, and you won’t have to go through bidding for a new COE. 


In renewing your COE, you’re required to pay only the Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP).
The PQP is the amount of money you need to pay to renew your COE for an already-purchased vehicle or extend your use of the vehicle on the road.


The price of the PQP quota changes every month in Singapore. You can calculate the value of the PQP by getting the average COE prices in the last 3 months. For example, if you own a Category D vehicle, you can get its PQP for June by calculating the average COE price from March, April, and May. 


Aside from the vehicle category and COE prices, take note of your chosen renewal date.
You have the following options:


  • Early renewal before your COE expires
  • Renew in the same month your COE expires
  • Late renewal of COE


Early Renewal Before Your COE Expires


Your COE’s new period begins from the first day of the month after renewing the COE. For example, if your COE expires on 5 August 2022, you should be able to get the PQP for July 2022 after the 2nd bidding finalises in June of that same year. If there’s no public holiday during the bidding, you can proceed with renewing your COE using the July 2022 PQP.


Thus, your new COE period begins on 1 August 2022. Any unused portion (including COE rebates) from your previous COE from 1 to 5 August will have to be withdrawn. 


Renew In The Same Month Your COE Expires


If your COE renewal period begins the day after the expiration of your previous COE, you won’t have to forfeit any portion of the previous one. 


Let’s say your COE expires on 5 August 2022. You can figure out the PQP for August 2022 after the end of the 2nd bidding period in July. You can proceed with renewing your COE using the August 2022 PQP right after bidding exercises finish in July 2022.


Late Renewal of COE


If you renew your COE once its expiration date has passed, you have to pay the PQP of the month of expiry, plus an additional late renewal fee. Failure to renew your COE within 30 days or a month of the expiry date will result in your vehicle getting disposed of.


For a COE that expires on 5 August 2022, you have to pay the PQP and renewal fee for August (if you end up renewing late). If you do not complete the renewal process  by 4 September 2022, your car will be deregistered and you may no longer use it again.

How To Renew Your COE

To renew your COE online, you will need to have enough credit in your bank to pay for the premiums and late renewal fee, if applicable. You should also have an online banking account with any of the following:


  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • OCBC/Plus!
  • UOB


Take note that each bank has its own maximum daily payment limits. Make sure to contact the customer service hotline of each bank before proceeding. It’s best to make your payments in advance to avoid inconveniences. 


You’ll have to fill out the COE Renewal Form from OneMotoring.
Here, you’ll need to provide details of your owner ID, vehicle registration number, and renewal period.


Via The LTA Customer Service Centre


Alternatively, you can contact the LTA Customer Service Centre and inquire about other renewal methods. If they advise you to fill out an application form, provide all the details accordingly.


Then mail the form or hand-deliver it to the following address:


LTA Customer Service Centre

10 Sin Ming DriveSingapore 575701

If you know how to renew your car’s COE on time, you can avoid hefty late penalties and prevent your vehicle from being deregistered. Take note that LTA will handle your COE renewal.


If applying online, make sure to duly fill out the application form and the required fields, or contact LTA if you prefer completing  the form by hand.


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Is Renewing My Car's COE Worth It?

It depends. Renewing your COE is more affordable than buying a brand new car. However, if you renew your COE, you’re also forfeiting your Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) rebates. The rebates could value up to $1,000, and you may be able to use them to offset the price of a new vehicle.

Can I Pay My COE In Instalments?

The LTA does not allow  payment of COE in instalments. However, you could get COE renewal loans which can help you pay the lump sum. Your chosen bank or financing institution will pay the COE on your behalf, and you can service your loan in instalments.

How Long Can You Own A Car In Singapore?

Your car is valid for up to 10 years in Singapore unless you renew your COE. It is recommended to renew your COE a month before its expiry. If you miss the deadline, you will not be allowed to use your car on the roads, and risk getting towed if your vehicle is flagged by LTA or the police.

Can I Pay My COE Through A Credit Card?

Yes, you can pay the COE through a credit card, provided that it has not reached its daily limit.