9 Things To Look Out For When Choosing BMW Service Centre [As Of 2023 ]

Car manufacturer BMW was recently billed as the third-largest-selling car brand in Singapore for 2021; there’s no disputing this. BMW is a popular carmaker and has won the hearts of Lion City residents with its top-of-the-line and beloved models.


Yet it also happens that BMW models are notorious for being among the most expensive vehicles to maintain.


So if you own one and need an auto specialist, there are quite a few things to look out for when choosing a BMW service centre.


As a luxury vehicle brand, maintaining a BMW and ensuring it’s always at peak performance is a costly undertaking. You must find a reliable BMW repair shop or auto centre with an intimate understanding of your car.


We discuss what to look for when choosing a BMW service centre and ensure optimum performance for your car’s lifetime.

Before haphazardly taking your BMW car into a random repair shop, look into the servicing centre’s expertise. Their auto specialists and technicians must know what to do with the vehicle.


You wouldn’t want to service your vehicle in a general auto repair shop. Their specialists may not necessarily be able to give the time, attention, and quality service a BMW engine needs.


Where to go: Kee Yong Auto is an independent BMW service centre in Singapore run by qualified specialists. We guarantee accurate diagnostics, so you’ll never have to pay for expensive and unnecessary parts.

Another factor to consider when servicing your BMW vehicles is the specialist’s years of experience in the business and industry.


Proper BMW maintenance is only achieved by going to an auto service centre with the portfolio and experience to back up their claims.


Many run-of-the-mill shops claim they set the highest quality standards when servicing BMW cars. However, they tend to defraud customers by overpricing their services and recommending parts they don’t need.


Look for BMW service centres with decades of experience behind their belt. This ensures you get the most out of your money through original BMW parts and routine maintenance.

Equipment And Technology

Car technicians can only work on your BMW and diagnose related problems if they have access to the right equipment and technology.


This is because BMW vehicles use specialised diagnostic tests that examine your car’s control units, variants, and other special equipment.


Only with this technology will your specialist be able to identify suspected faulty parts and functions and recommend solutions to remedy the issue.


Before availing of any advertised BMW repair service, call the shop and pick their brains on the diagnostics systems they use.


The right BMW repair shop would have invested thousands of dollars in maintaining BMW diagnostics equipment and other tools needed for maintenance.

See to it that the service centre can directly procure BMW parts. Keep an eye out for providers that advertise OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, only to find they don’t have independent access to genuine components.


A good litmus test is to ask the BMW specialist if they can secure Theft Relevant Parts like shifters, engine control modules, transmission, etc.


If your provider truly has these parts, they know they still have to program specific components to your vehicle, which requires specialised authorisation and equipment from the carmaker.

Don’t just take the BMW service shop’s word. Instead, look at what their past customers have said about their business.


If you’ve set your eyes on a specialist, ask around on forums, check out their website, and read local reviews. More importantly, visit the shop and discuss with the facility owner or manager to see if they know what to do with BMW vehicles.

Experienced Personnel

Take due diligence to discuss with the auto shop’s head technician or manager and understand their experience.


Genuine BMW auto generally won’t have any qualms about their customers talking to their staff. They’ll be more than happy for their clients to meet the rest of the team — that is, if they’re legitimate.

If you encounter issues such as faulty stock parts or stalling on the road, see that your auto service provider provides at least a 2-year manufacturer warranty on the parts.


Take advantage of the warranty period, as this saves you costly expenses. Don’t run the risk of taking your car to an unauthorised shop since this can void the warranty.


Instead, bring the car to an independent auto shop that recognises the 2-year warranty and ensures all installations and repairs are covered.

If you’re using your BMW for daily activities, like running errands or going to and from your office, make sure to pick a BMW service shop near your home.


Not having your primary mode of transport available to you can be an inconvenience. So make sure to choose an auto facility that also offers complimentary services. This avoids the hassle of navigating the city without a car.

Clean And Organised Facility

BMW is synonymous with luxury. It shouldn’t be surprising that you want it serviced only in a clean facility where everything’s in order.


Take some time to visit your chosen BMW repair shop and do a quick tour. Is everything in place or disarray? Is the facility spacious, or doesn’t it have enough room for more than one car at a time?


Inspecting the facility yourself is an effective way of measuring the provider’s efficiency and commitment to taking care of a top-of-the-line BMW car.

Your BMW will only remain the ultimate driving machine if you give it the right treatment it needs.


The job of finding the right BMW service shop may be painstaking — there’s quite a multitude of factors to consider.


But the time and effort you take in understanding the company, their speciality BMW services, and expertise will save you time and money and ensure optimal car performance.


Still looking for a BMW workshop in Singapore? Kee Yong Auto has four decades of experience working on BMW models and other car brands such as Porsche, Bentley, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and more.


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Do I Need To Service My BMW At The Main Dealership?

Not necessarily. You can take your BMW to the main dealership, but you can also bring it to an independent auto mechanic for a routine oil change, maintenance, and other services. If it’s inconvenient to return to the dealership, it’s best to take the car to any authorised service centre.

How Much Does BMW Servicing Cost?

BMW servicing can cost $150 and above, depending on the model. Contact us for more information.

What's Included In A BMW Service?

You should look for a BMW service inclusive of engine oil, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, transmission fluid, brake pads, shock absorber, cooling system, engine and transmission mount, and other repairs/maintenance.

How Often Should I Service My BMW?

New BMW models will need an oil change during the first year. But generally, the car needs to be serviced when it reaches 10,000 km to 12,5000 km.