8 Common Bentley Repair Problems & Tips For Maintenance [As Of 2023 ]

Bentley is a luxury car brand known for its high-end vehicles that combine exceptional style and performance. If you own a Bentley, it is vital to keep it in good condition by regularly maintaining and repairing it.


To ensure that your car continues to run smoothly and perform at its best, there are several tips you should follow.


This guide covers the top repair and maintenance tips for Bentley models. It also tackles some of the most common problems associated with your Bentley vehicle.

You may overlook it, but the owner’s manual is crucial in your Bentley’s regular maintenance. It lists maintenance requirements and specifications on proper care and repair techniques, should you need to bring your car to a servicing centre.


Depending on the model of your Bentley, you can view the manual interactively through the Bentley Network App. The app lets you view important information about your vehicle, including its recommended maintenance plan.


You can also use the app to retrieve invaluable information on keeping your car performing in tip-top condition.

Bentley engine

Although specific intervals for regular maintenance vary for each model, bringing your car to a Bentley specialist at least once a year, or every 16,000 kilometres (whichever comes first) is recommended.


Basic Bentley maintenance doesn’t seem important, but it can have a significant impact on your car’s overall performance. It keeps you safe from spending hundreds and thousands on repairs. Keeping a handy record of your Bentley’s maintenance schedule allows you to stay on track.

Bentley engines are prized for their unique engineering and build. While they are designed to withstand extreme conditional tolerances, components like the timing and serpentine belts will eventually wear out.


Car owners should consider replacing the timing and serpentine belt once their car logs around 160,000 kilometres.


Serpentine belts are essential in providing power to the vehicle’s steering pump, air conditioning unit, and alternator. On the other hand, the timing belt helps synchronise the car’s camshaft and crankshaft movements. 


Delaying due maintenance and replacements on these parts will cost both vehicle performance and your safety, so it’s best to get a head start.

bentley grey

Bentley models use a complex air suspension system, ensuring they ride smoothly on all surfaces. However, an air suspension failure can occur, and owners can usually tell when they do.


An uneven elevation is a tell-tale sign of an air suspension problem with your Bentley. One of the car’s ends will sit much lower than the other. A faulty suspension could also cause your rides to be much bumpier when passing on road bumps.


If you spot such issues, bringing your car to a Bentley workshop in Singapore is highly recommended. A specialist will use high-end diagnostic tools and technologies to identify what is happening with your vehicle and resolve the root issue. Be sure to check that your Bentley is only fitted with genuine OEM parts for optimal performance.

Heavy Traffic of cars

If you drive a Bentley Continental GT, be mindful of the brake light. Compared to other Bentley models, brake light failure is a much more common occurrence in the Continental GT. This could be dangerous, especially when driving under low visibility conditions.


Replacing the brake light is a relatively simple job of replacing the bulb. But if you’d rather expert technicians handle a brake/tail light change, it’s best to bring the vehicle to a Bentley specialist.

Brake hoses are essential in any car, not just for a Bentley. It’s a brake component that delivers braking fluid to the vehicle’s brake calliper. Simply put, it keeps your car’s suspension and wheels moving smoothly when travelling on uneven surfaces.


While there isn’t a scheduled maintenance plan for replacing and inspecting the brake hose, it is recommended to have your Bentley’s brake hoses replaced every five years. As the Bentley is a high performance car, it is expected that its parts will undergo higher levels of wear and tear.

Engine filters

Another vital component of any vehicle is the air cleaner filter. It keeps dust, debris, and other small particles away from your engine to prevent accumulation. Failure to regularly clean your air filter can result in blockage, causing your Bentley to perform poorly.


Some signs of a dirty or clogged air cleaner filter include difficulty starting the engine, constant misfiring, or rough idling. A quick check by a specialist would be able to identify this issue, and they may recommend replacing the part altogether with a new one.

Gasket leaks and issues with the turbo oil pipe, vacuum, and cooling fan are all common in Bentley cars. These can be expensive to fix and may require extensive work or replacement.


Preventive Bentley maintenance is better than spending thousands on repairs or replacements. To prevent such engine issues from arising in the future, make it a habit to take it out to a car workshop for maintenance. A typical car servicing package can come with:


  • Engine oil and filter change servicing
  • Multipoint inspection
  • Air cleaner filter check and replacement 
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Belt and tensioner check and replacement
  • Transmission and axle check and adjustment 
  • And other manufacturer-specific maintenance checks

Bentleys are incredibly complex performance machines that require due time and attention. Owning a car is no easy feat, much less a luxury performance one like a Bentley.


Always ensure a smooth and luxurious driving experience by sticking to your Bentley’s maintenance plan. Regular care and attention help you keep the car in tip-top shape, whether idling in the garage or taking it out for a quick road trip.


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Are Bentleys High Maintenance?

Yes. Bentleys are performance vehicles prized for their elegance and performance on the road. This makes them generally more demanding than your traditional car. Therefore precision maintenance is critical for a Bentley to run as intended.

How Do You Maintain A Bentley?

Bring in your Bentley for a tune-up at least once a year, every 16,000 kilometres. Bentley recommends owners get a synthetic oil and filter change, in-cabin pollen filter replacement, tyre rotation, windshield testing, etc, depending on the recommended service interval.

Do Bentley Cars Last Long?

Yes. Well-maintained Bentleys can last for up to 60 years.

How Much Is Bentley Maintenance In Singapore?

The cost of maintaining a Bentley varies, depending on the part and scope of work. Kee Yong Auto offers Bentley servicing packages from $485 for a brake pad replacement to $2,920 for an engine mounting replacement. Request a quote or get technical assistance from one of our specialists today.

Where To Find A Bentley Workshop In Singapore?

Kee Yong Auto is a dedicated car workshop in Singapore backed by over four decades of experience. Our workshop is located at 160 Sin Ming Drive, #03-09 Sin Ming AutoCity, Singapore 575722. We also offer 24-hour roadside assistance. Contact us at +65 8588 8877 should you require our services.